Asset Management

Remaining Useful Life

Make the most life out of assets.

What is Remaining Useful Life (RUL)? 

Remaining useful life (RUL) is the useful life left on an asset at a particular time of operation. Useful life does not necessarily indicate time to failure and often indicates the time remaining until the cost of the risk of the part failing exceeds the cost of maintenance.

Perspective of Power Industry

The utilization of dynamic RUL predictions allows improved prioritization of maintenance and the ability to plan and execute maintenance based on condition, which results in a reduction of plant maintenance cost. Ultimately, RUL predictions are probabilistic in nature and provide the user with a methodology to trade risk of a forced outage or loss in production capacity against cost of early replacement, repair, or more frequent inspections.

The Benefits of computing RUL include:
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Prioritization of Work
  • Workforce management
  • Deeper insight into how the equipment operation within the context of an integrated plant influences the condition of the equipment

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