Digital Twin

Extend capabilities and gain deeper insights into your assets.

What is Digital Twin?

A Digital Twin is a digital representation of your assets that works by combining machine learning with physics-based models. Many operators are have turned towards Automatic Pattern Recognition (APR) software to predict and trend gas turbine performance. Unfortunately, APR software doesn’t have any intrinsic knowledge of gas turbines and can’t reveal too much information beyond “something has changed.” With our digital twin modeling technology, we blend the physics of gas turbine design and the data driven techniques of APR software with an extensive operational knowledge base. This approach provides deeper insight into your gas turbine health and allows for glimpses into areas of your units that you can’t directly measure while in operation.

Digital Twin allows you to:

Track Degradation

Have you ever wondered how much performance you can expect to gain from a hardware replacement or upgrade?  With our digital twin technology, we can first model the changes for you to see if the estimate performance gain is truly worth the cost of the new hardware.

Detect Faults

A digital twin model can provide insights into areas of your asset where you cannot physically place a sensor. With access to this information, you can better asses any failures you may have had and better predict the future health of the unit.

Increase Efficiencies

Through repeated integration of your data, our models age with your units.  Over time, this can provide better knowledge to how your hardware wears over time.  The models are also updated after outages to ensure that maintenance has been as effective as desired.

Improve Operating Margin

We can use your asset data to tune our models into an accurate representation of your plant.  Once tune, we can accurately provide performance estimates of the next day, week, and further if desired.

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